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Restoring Sliding Sash Windows

This involves the following procedures:

  • Sliding sashes are carefully removed and the condition of timber, cords, glass and pulleys are all individually checked.
  • Decaying wood is routed to expose repairable material, or if beyond repair, new joinery is matched with the original profiles.
  • New timber is fixed in place to match the existing profile, or two part epoxy resin is moulded to match the exact profile of the original window.
  • All cords are replaced, pulley wheels are serviced and sash weights are adjusted to ensure the perfectly smooth operation of the window.

This involves the following procedures:

  • Opening windows that have been painted shut.
  • Replacing broken sash cords.
  • Rebalancing the windows with the correct weights to ensure they open and close smoothly.

Refurbishing Sliding Sash Windows

Work Carried out to Sliding Sash Windows


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