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Sliding Sash Windows

Draught proofing sliding sash windows involves the following:

  • Removing the sashes.
  • Routing grooves in them ready to fix our unobtrusive weatherpile strips.
  • Replacing the parting beads with new timber parting beads, fixed with our unobtrusive weatherpile strips.

Casement Windows

The draught proofing of casement windows uses the same polypropylene brush and brush carrier system, which is used in the draught proofing of sash windows.  The method is as follows:

  • Sashes are carefully removed and the edges are planed to provide correct clearance within the frame.
  • Brush carriers are routed into the sash and unprotected planed timber is primed.
  • Polypropylene brushes of the correct size are fitted to the sash and the sash is carefully refitted to the frame.

Draught Proofing

Timber Window Repair Services have developed their own draught proofing system, using unobtrusive components which do not detract from the overall appearance of your property.  Other companies use plastic replacements which discolour over time when exposed to the elements.  Our replacement components are timber, which allow for them to be painted to match your own colour scheme.

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